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[Advertorial] Keep your furkid movin’ with Happy Tails pet insurance!

One of the most common causes of lameness in pets, cranial cruciate ligament disease is on the rise. Grab a “brolly” and protect your furkid early with Happy Tails pet insurance.

Five reasons why your dog should sleep with you every night

For years, there has been a never-ending debate as to whether sleeping with your dog is actually good for you. For non-believers of doggy cuddle time, here are five reasons why allowing your dog to sleep on the same bed as you is beneficial for your well-being.

Five quirky pet products for your furkid

It’s no secret that pet owners love to pamper their furkids, and that love can sometimes lead to the invention of unique and sometimes even odd new pet products. Check out our picks for the top five quirkiest pet products ever.

Can cats really survive a fall from great heights?

We’ve read about it in the news—cats falling off of high rise buildings only to have suffered minor injuries such as bruises or scratches. How is this possible? Do they really have ‘nine lives’? Read on to find out more.

Five famous F1 drivers and their dogs

With the 2016 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix just right around the corner, we can’t help but to feel super excited for an exciting weekend filled with the hottest stars and festivities. To join in on the hype, we’ve listed the top five most well-known F1 drivers and their adorable dogs.

New study: Do dogs prefer praises or treats?

Many pet parents tend to give treats to their dogs and praise them to reinforce positive behaviour. However, have you ever wondered which method works better? Read on to find out more.

[Advertorial] Greenies Dental Chews makes maintaining your pet’s dental health a breeze!

Your furkid’s dental health is important, which is why one of the first things vets do during your pet’s check-up is look at its teeth and gums. Tartar build-up on your its teeth can lead to dental problems like eroded gums, loss of teeth, chronic pain, and may even affect organs like the heart and kidney. Find out how you can curb this problem with the help of Greenies Dental Chews.

Why do dogs have tear stains?

Those brown tear stains that are found underneath your dog’s eyes (or tear ducts) can be an awful sight to look at. Read on to find out what causes such stains and how you can prevent them.

Five fun and stimulating indoor games to play with your dog

Rain or shine, our dogs need to be exercised. The unpredictable weather here in Singapore has probably interfered with your dog’s daily walk regime before, leaving you frustrated. Here are five different indoor games that you can play with your dog to keep them occupied.

Five tips to control smelly litter box odours

No one likes a smelly litter box—your cat included. If you’ve got one that’s stinking up your home, read on to find out our top five tips for managing the foul odours. You’re welcome!

Paw Fest 2016: Five moments to remember

Whether you missed our Paw Fest weekend (2 to 4 September) at I12 Katong or wish to relive your happiest moments there, we’ve got you covered! Here’s what went down at Paw Fest 2016.

Zika virus and our pets: Everything you need to know

The recent Zika virus outbreak here in Singapore has gotten many people—including pet owners—worried. Read on to find out more about this virus, and what you can do to protect your furkids from this nasty disease.