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Pet aromatherapy: All you need to know

Aromatherapy can benefit your dog too—especially when it comes to reducing anxiety and putting it in a good mood. Read on for more reasons to try scent remedies, and how you should go about it. Plus, safety precautions to take note of!

Animal shelter encourages Pokemon Go players to help walk dogs

It seems even animal shelters are not spared from the Pokemon Go fever! Thankfully, this time it’s for a good cause. Since these “trainers” are going to be out hunting for Pokemon anyway, The Muncie Animal Shelter is encouraging them to volunteer to bring the shelter dogs along, so they can get their daily doses of love and exercise.

Pawsitive Steps: Join the walk for mental health

In support for mental health patients and the institutions that help them, Pawsitive Steps (28 August 2016) is an annual event where owners and their dogs go through a 2km walk cum obstacle course for a good cause. Although held in New South Wales, Australia, click here to find out how you can support the event from Singapore.

Leptospirosis in dogs: What you need to know

What is Leptospirosis and how does this bacterial infection affect dogs? Find out all about this infectious disease, including its background, symptoms, and how you can prevent it from spreading.

This weekend: Fun outdoor things to do with your dog

Try our cool list of pet-friendly ideas and places, from a dog-friendly cafe for brunch to wide open parks and a doggy swimming pool.

Smell Ya Later

Taking Fido out for a swim seems like a great idea, right until he emerges wet and stinky. Why does he smell so bad when he’s wet? With the help of chemistry and biology, we find out why!

Not So Corny

Our pooches enjoy chewing on corn cobs just as much as we do! The crunchiness and natural sweetness make it super fun and yummy, but there’s a danger in having too much. Read on to find out why.

Justice Paws

Say what? A lawyer that’s dedicated to seeking justice for Fido? We can’t believe it either. Read on to find out more!

delicious but deadly

Your Chinchilla may go crazy over dried raisins, but so will its tummy. Unlike their hardy rat relatives, these little furballs can’t "eat everything". In fact, some of the most commonly fed "treats" are actually toxic, and may prove potentially fatal to them.

Making puppies

Breeding at home, yea or nay?

Instagram fur-mous

Despite being famous with more than 125,000 followers, Ching Ching the Shih Tzu (@littleyeitchingching) is extremely shy. We pay the furry star a visit at her Thomson home.

sweet summer

After frolicking in the hot sun, end Fido’s day on a sweet note with this super fun-to-eat banana and yoghurt parfait—he’ll love the different textures and flavours!