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Films for Fido & Puss to work through noise phobia

Does Fido or Puss get stressed out by loud noises, like fireworks or thunderstorms? The first ever film collection for dogs and cats has been produced—these films are scientifically designed with the intention of reducing stress caused by a cacophony of sounds. Read on to find out more!

Canine Cancer: Symptoms and Preventive Measures

Canine cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of ten—but half of these cancers can be cured if caught early. Read on to find out about symptoms and preventive measures for your furkid.

Cats Banned in HDB Flats: Is this unfair to cat lovers?

HDB has stated that while certain dog breeds are allowed as pets in flats, cats are not allowed at all. A recent post on social media regarding the ban on cats in flats garnered lots of attention and anger from cat lovers around the island. Should cats really be banned from our flats?

Illegal Fishing in Singapore: How is it affecting otters?

Fishing at Marina Bay is illegal, yet fishing enthusiasts are still heading down to cast their lines with complete disregard for marine life that are living in close proximity. Otters that live in the Bishan-Marina Bay area have been found with embedded fish hooks and fishing lines in their bodies. What could be done to rectify this situation?

Pet Detox: Five ways to help your furkid lose weight

Over the festive weekend, many paw-rents and their furkids would have indulged in a scrumptious feast while celebrating with friends and family. If you’ve noticed Fido’s waistline turning cylindrical, fret not! Here are five simple methods to get him back in shape.

Protecting indoor plants from your feline

Furkids and potted plants may not seem like a great combination, but with this ingenious idea, you can have the best of both worlds.

Purr-fect massage heaven

Reviewing the Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center

Run, Ranna, run

Abandoned at a vet clinic, Ranna's life changed when Josephine brought him home.

Lend a helping paw

How can your pet volunteer to be a therapy animal?

The paw-suit of happiness

Being a paw-rent isn't solely about the physical care of a pet; their emotional and psychological well-being is just as important.

The power of love

Under the care of devoted paw-rent Adeline Tan, ex-breeding dog Totto has blossomed and is now happier and healthier than ever.

Gobble gobble!

Low in fat and high in protein, turkey is a great ingredient in any doggy recipe. Get your furkid in the mood for Christmas with these healthy yet delicious turkey pupcakes.