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A cat’s (fe)line of sight: What the world looks like to Puss.

Just how differently do cats see the world as compared to us? An artist gives us a visual representation.

San Francisco bans the sale of non-rescue animals in pet shops

Finally, the homeless animals of San Francisco have reason to celebrate.

Ellen’s step into the pet industry: Fashionable clothes and accessories for Fido and Puss

Ellen DeGeneres is famous for featuring viral videos of pets on her talk show and inviting an array of furry guests to her show. This year, the talk show host is taking her love for animals to the next level.

Meow-sic to their ears: Music composed just for Puss

What happens when a composer teams up with animal scientists? Well, you get perfect tunes for your furry feline to enjoy.

Living the good life: Are we treating our furkids like children?

Gone are the days when dogs slept in kennels outside the house. In fact, more and more pets have a permanent space for them reserved on our beds–and our hearts too.

Man sentenced to 18 weeks’ jail for brutally killing cat

A 25-year-old man was arrested for throwing a stray cat down 10 floors of a Tampines HDB estate and slamming the cat to its death on the pavement. He pleaded guilty to two counts of animal abuse, and has since been sentenced to 18 weeks’ jail.

Driving in the right direction: A car modified for man’s best friend

Transporting pooches in a car can be a real pain both for you and your four-legged companions, particularly if you’re travelling long distances. Nissan recently launched the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept–it’s a car that’s tailor-made to give your dogs a comfortable ride, while maintaining your car’s cleanliness.

Teething problems

Just like us, our furkids can also suffer from bad breath and bleeding gums. But poor dental hygiene could prove detrimental to their health. Find out how you can take care of Fido’s sparkly whites before it’s too late.

Creature comforts

Feasting and sightseeing are fun, but what makes a holiday even better is getting a generous dose of cuteness. Here are the top spots around the world to get your furry (or feathered) fix.

Furry followers

How hard is it to craft runway-worthy cat fur hats or balance cookies on Fido's noggin? Our furry models put several popular social media trends to the test.

Man on a mission

Whether revered or vilified, there’s no denying that Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan is in a league of his own. The pets team caught up with him on his recent visit to Singapore to promote Cesar's Recruit: Asia.

Is too much affection bad for Fido?

No doubt, we love our pups. Smothering them with affection might even become second nature, since they’re such crucial parts of our lives. However, is there a limit to how much love we should give them? Read on to find out more.