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Sale of dog meat banned at the infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Hopefully, the barbaric slaughter of cats and dogs at the festival will come to an end.

Readers with a cause

Read on to find out more about why shelters both locally and overseas are starting reading programmes for their animals.

Japan creates emergency response teams for animals

Read on to find out why Japanese vets and animal caretakers have decided to band together to ensure that all creatures are rescued during disasters.

The Chihuahua that steps up (onto her best friend’s back) for treats

This might be one of the most adorable (or manipulative) doggy friendships we’ve ever seen.

Retired sniffer dogs can now be rehomed in HDB flats

Starting in June this year, dog handlers from the Home Team and the military will be allowed to keep their ex-sniffer dogs in HDB flats, despite the size and breed of these dogs.

Thinking of releasing animals into the wild this Vesak Day holiday? Think again, says NParks and PUB.

Local authorities will be patrolling nature reserves this coming Vesak Day holiday, in an effort to educate the public on the dangers of releasing animals into the wild.

Great app-titude

In this digital age, there are even apps for your furkid. While your iPad won’t replace the great outdoors, the apps provide a fun, fuss-free way to while away a rainy afternoon.

In loving arms

Last May, the video of a Siberian Husky being abused went viral on social media. Eventually taken in by the SPCA and renamed Malaski, this is the story of the pooch’s road to recovery with the help of his big-hearted handler Mohan Veerasamy.

A better world

How will these new AVA regulations affect you?

Fascinating furkids

Fancy owning an exotic pet? You can if you live in these countries.

Poor casting call perpetuates the Mongrel stereotype in Singapore

Mediacorp’s hunt for a Mongrel to portray a fierce stray in one of its productions has gotten Singaporean netizens all riled up. Read on to find out why.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore adopts lost baby pangolin

A baby Sunda pangolin was found wandering around near Upper Thompson Road and has been adopted by Wildlife Reserves Singapore. Read on to find out how he’s been doing so far!