Q: My three year old cat had an accident and fractured her spine about two and a half years ago. I was told to put her to sleep but I wasn't able to due to my religious beliefs. She gets her physiotherapy twice a day to keep her leg muscles strong despite being unable to walk. She moves about by using her front paws and dragging her hind legs. She can pee and poop on her own but at times suffer from bedsores, which I'll get treated promptly. I would like to know if there's any kind of operation to repair the fractured spine and hopefully allows her to walk again. If there is, where can I get it done?

A: I'm very sorry to hear about your dear cat's condition and history. I'm very touched by your dedication to her and I'm glad that you chose not to put her to sleep. Paralysed cats can live a relatively normal life like any other cat (as long as they can poop and pee by themselves) just without the luxury of mobility.  Yet they can still play like a normal cat and I have seen it for myself.

Unfortunately, I am sorry to say that because the injury to her spine occurred two and a half years ago, there is nothing we can do medically and surgically to reverse Ash's condition. Surgery is no longer an option at this as the fractured area would have fibroses over and the damage to the spinal cord and nerves in that area irreversible. You may however wish to look into other options like acupuncture of homeopathy to see if it helps to improve her condition and quality of life, depending on the degree of severity and clinical problems associated with her spinal fracture. There are wheelchairs that you can purchase for her to improve her mobility and therefore giving her a new lease of life. These are available online from www.doggon.com or www.dogkarts.com or www.k9carts.com. I hope this helps you in some ways.