Q: Whenever I brush my Husky with a slicker brush, her skin becomes a little red and it looks painful. Is this considered brush burn? What can I do to stop this from happening? Is there another deshedding tool I can use so that she does not suffer from brush burns?

Brush burns not only affect Huskies, but all dogs. As such, owners need to be careful not to brush them too hard so as to avoid scratching their delicate skin. If you brush your canine often you will find that not all parts of their body have even lengths of fur. Their shoulders or joints tend to have uneven lengths and it is at these spots that you may cause brush burn.

There are many different types of brushes in the market. You’ll have to select one that is suitable for your furkid depending on the tool’s teeth or pin length. Naturally, short teeth combs are for shorthaired canines and long teeth ones are for longhaired dogs. If you are afraid of inflicting pain on your Husky, you could opt for pin brushes that have plastic ball tips. But these may wear out if you use it very often.

No matter what equipment you use, always be gentle with your Husky and be sure to check her skin after each grooming session. To soothe the redness of her skin, you can apply aloe vera or antiseptic solution. Try not to brush her for a few days after to allow the skin to heal.