Not eating

Q: My cat is slightly over a year old and has been eating very little and vomiting a bit of her food lately. She drinks a lot of water and pees without pooing. Also, my cat was born without eyelids. Please advise what is wrong with her.

A: Please send your cat to the vet for a checkup. Felines are very good at concealing their illnesses and by the time it becomes obvious to you, it may already be too late. It is good to hear that she stays hydrated as that is the most important thing. There could be plenty of reasons why she isn’t eating well but always rule out health issues first. If a normal routine check-up fails to reveal any problems, your vet will most likely do a blood test to diagnose what is causing her lack of appetite.

Once the vet clears her of any medical conditions, you can try enticing her to eat normally. While vets can prescribe medication for this, you
might want to consider changing kitty’s diet as she may simply be disinterested in the current one you’re feeding. Alternating between canned food and kibble may help whet her appetite as well. Try this method out for a week or so and remember to brush her teeth, as canned food may get stuck and lead to dental problems such as plaque and gingivitis.

Lastly, cats without eyelids are susceptible to infections, which leads to teary eyes. An infection might be another reason why she is losing her appetite. This should be brought up during your feline’s check-up.


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