Q: I brought home a female mongrel puppy a few months ago. Despite feeding her puppy kibbles twice a day, she is still very skinny and does not appear to have gained any weight. What can I do to help her?

A: It is wonderful that you brought home a mongrel puppy and gave her love and a good home. Some puppies do have high metabolic rate. Hence, if your furkid is very active, it may take some time for her to gain weight. Start by looking at the food packaging of the kibbles you are giving her for the ingredient breakdown. Different brands of dog food carry different protein sources and caloric contents will vary. Next, check the feeding guide to ensure that you are giving the right proportions to your mongrel. Aside from having high metabolic rate, many growing canines also tend to exercise a lot. As a result, they will burn off more energy than the amount they take in. Evaluate fido’s lifestyle and exercise regime to calculate the appropriate portions of food for her.

Alternatively, you can introduce an additional carbohydrate source, such as rice or potatoes, occasionally to help with the weight gain. Mix the new food into her kibbles gradually. Observe her for any vomiting or diarrhoea as both are signs that your puppy may be rejecting the food. if that happens, stop all new foods and resume feeding the dry kibbles that she is used to and continue to monitor the situation.

Besides making sure that she has already been dewormed, a health check is also essential. a veterinarian will conduct the following examinations:

  • A thorough check for healthy heart, lung functions, good skin, muscle and bone growth.
  • Physical examinations for external parasites, such as dog ticks which are very common in singapore.
  • Blood tests to check heartworm and kidney and liver functions.
  • Urine and stool checks to look out for good urinary clearance and bowel health.