Q: My family recently adopted a shorthaired Singapore Special. Can you provide me with some tips on how to groom him and what to look out for? 

A: Singapore Specials are no different from any other dog and require regular grooming to maintain their personal hygiene. However, if Fido suffers from any skin, ear or eye infection, you should seek a veterinarian’s advice on how to treat the condition before grooming him yourself. 

Here are some basic tips to remember:

Coat maintenance

Choose the right tools. Brush your shorthaired mongrel once a month using a soft to medium bristle brush with short, closely spaced bristles. Doing so will prevent hair build-up and excessive shedding. Check Fido’s paw pad for any mats and shave the fur (if any) regularly to prevent him from slipping and hurting himself.

Nail Trimming

Many dogs can develop an aversion to nail trimming once they experience pain from it. The best way to avoid this is to learn how to do it correctly from a professional groomer and exercise caution. Depending on the rate of growth, a weekly trim might be required. You can also use a filer instead to grind down the nails.


Most dogs require a weekly bath. Always ensure that your mongrel’s fur is completely blown dry to avoid skin irritation or problem after each bath.

Anal glands

A dog’s anal glands need to be expressed when you notice him scooting on the ground. This can be done by a vet or a groomer. It relieves Fido of his discomfort and your home of odour emitted from an impacted gland.

Ear Care

Your furkid’s dirty ears can be a haven for bacteria and yeast. If he has excess debris or foul odour in his ears, special cleaners and medications might be required. On the contrary, if they are relatively healthy, weekly ear cleaning will be sufficient. Likewise, many ear problems are a sign of allergies and may require veterinarian intervention.


Photo source: http://dog-behavior-tips.com/