Q: My family will be moving into our new flat next year. However, we are concerned about how our mixed breed tabby will adapt to the new environment. What are some things we can do to make this transition easier?

A: Moving to a new home is a big deal for us and also for our furry friends. You’ve probably taken months to plan for the move and maybe more to get the place ready. Both humans and animals need time to adapt to a new
place and environment; cats are more sensitive to changes than us as they have an elevated sense of sight, sound and smell. So, your Tabby will need more preparation than you do.

Please consider these steps before bringing Tabby to her new home:

  • Tabby should be the last one to move into the new place. This is to minimise the amount of stress she may feel during the shift.
  • Cat-proof your new home. Secure all openings (eg, windows) with meshes if you stay on a high floor. This will prevent accidents from happening.
  • Place her litter pan appropriately where there’s less traffic. The litter should preferably contain some of her urine/poop so that she feels some sense of familiarity.
  • Select a quiet place for her food and water bowl.
  • During the first few days after the move, you can try to confine her to a quiet area in the house so she can assimilate. If she’s comfortable  enough to explore, allow her to do so. Supervision is necessary.
  • She can be released from confinement once she uses the litter pan and does not hide.

Image source: http://www.our-happy-cat.com/images/cat-in-moving-box.jpg