Q: My one-year-old Ragamuffin has a very good temperament and is very tame, even with children and strangers. I’d love for him to be a therapy cat, but I wonder if he needs to be certified before we start. How can I make it happen?

A: You’re right about Ragamuffins. They’re sweet and loving cats. The name “Rag” implies that they will not move once they are in your arms. They have a calm temperament and are very patient. Rags are typically medium to large built which makes handling them relatively easy. 

Your Rag sounds like a good candidate for a therapy pet. However, there are no courses that I know of that provide certification for them to be therapy cats. I suggest you start by attending cat shows with him. This will test his temperament as he will not only be exposed to humans but other animals as well. Cats have a very keen sense of smell and some will react differently; some will hiss, some go berserk and others will remain calm. Most felines that are exposed to this kind of environment will make a good therapy cat. 

It’s great that your Rag is comfortable with kids and strangers, but attending pet events will test his limits so I would encourage you to let him meet as many people and animals before you embark on his career as a therapy pet. Prior to all this, you’d also need to make sure he is properly vaccinated. He has to be deticked, dewormed and should have a clean bill of health certified by your vet. There are also several pet therapy groups that you can get in touch with to see how they operate. Good luck!


Image source: http://lh5.ggpht.com/_LlfXWxcpJyU/SjozD3WDcBI/AAAAAAAAMb8/yv6LIb_oxa4/s400/ragamuffin%20cat%201.jpg