Q: My groomer made a mistake and accidentally trimmed my Bichon Frise’s fur too short. I was not the only one who didn’t like it—my furkid seems unhappy and is behaving strangely after the session. What could have happened?

First of all, what caused your groomer to cut your Bichon Frise’s fur too short? If it was due to miscommunication, I suggest you speak to your groomer about this incident and let him know how unhappy you (and your furkid) are about it. Show him photos so he knows the exact look you are going for. Popular styles are the Bichon Frise cut and teddy bear cut. However, if it was due to matted fur—as it commonly is—it could provide a possible explanation for your furkid’s change in behaviour.

If her fur was matted, your groomer would have had little choice but to shave her down. It is unlikely that your beloved Bichon Frise is depressed because she feels ugly. She is probably just feeling a vast difference from her previous self due to a sudden decrease in the volume of her fur. Removing mats can also be painful if not done gently and slowly as knotted fur is heavy and pulls at the skin, and went left untrimmed, can aggravate and cause skin irritations. She might have been uncomfortable throughout the grooming session, resulting in her moody behaviour. You may choose to highlight this to your groomer as well, so he knows to be more careful and gentle in future.

The good thing is that after her haircut, your furkid is probably feeling a lot better! Drape some clothes over her or have her wear a doggy tee, and she should be back to her cheery self within days.

Regular brushing is a must to maintain a Bichon Frise cut. It does more than just prevent mats and keep fur tangle-free, it also improves the condition of your furkid’s coat by removing dirt, thus maintaining hygiene. For a fluffy breed like the beautiful Bichon, I suggest investing in a quality slicker brush and metal comb, so that when it’s time for a trip to the groomer’s, he won’t have too many mats to remove. Remember, a long cut is pretty, but it also means more work on your part.