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As much as we love our felines, it can be off-putting when they get stinky. There are many reasons why Puss may smell bad, so here are five of the most common ones which you should take note of.

Your feline friend won't be able to tell you if she's in pain, which means she can’t tell you when she as an ear infection – a condition that causes foul smells.

Ear issues can be related to allergies, ear mites, skin conditions, objects that get stuck in the ear, or even tumours. The easiest way to locate the source of the odour would be to smell your cat's ears.

If it does stem from there, a visit to the veterinarian should be scheduled as quickly as possible. Depending on the cause, the problem may be treatable with medication, deep cleansing or surgery.

Infected bite wounds sometimes emit odours – which can be the only sign of the injury as it may go unnoticed under your cat's beautiful fuzz. 

Cat owners should thus be observant and not overlook any new scents as the bite wound might have gone untreated for a significant amount of time. This may lead to potentially life-threatening infections.

Cats that tend to head outside and roam neighbourhoods are more susceptible to this problem.

If your cat has bad breath, it'll be easy to identify. And it's not just the smell that is an issue – dental hygiene is crucial to keeping your cat in good health.

Gum disease is extremely common amongst felines, with 70 per cent of those over two-years-old suffering from it. Another possible dental issue is stomatitis, an inflammation of your cat's mouth and gums. Those suffering from stomatitis develop painful ulcers in their mouth, and bad breath is one of the symptoms.

Owners should remember to brush their cat's teeth regularly to prevent such problems from arising.

Kitty litter is important in maintaining your cat's cleanliness as many cats spend a sizable amount of time in there. And it's not just about changing the litter box often, but rather buying high-quality litter which can save you a lot of time and money.

Look out for those with faecal and urine control, as well as good clumping properties. It will greatly reduce the likelihood of your cat smelling bad.

We all know how cats love to groom themselves, but as they get older, routine tasks become more challenging to manage. Your cat may feel too tired or stiff to thoroughly groom herself anymore, resulting in a bad odour and sometimes even a dishevelled appearance.

If this happens, owners should consider washing their cats or having them sent to a professional groomer.

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*This article was updated on 26 Jan 2021. It first appeared in on  9 May 2016.