Photo: PxFuel

If you've got a cat, it's likely that you have got a lot of fur lying around your house too. Puss sheds her fur naturally as part of her body's renewing process, but we all know how inconvenient this can be–especially when we are decked out in black. Here are some ways you can minimise shedding.

1. Brush Her Up
We know that kitties love grooming themselves, but if puss doesn't seem to be able to keep up with her shedding on her own, it doesn't hurt to help her out.

This can be done by brushing loose fur off her before they end up on your favourite black outfit. Brushing sessions can be therapeutic for your feline, and she is likely to love all the extra attention you're giving her.

Of course, this is not always the case and there may be some cats that have a negative reaction towards brushes. Introduce it slowly into her routine.

2. A Balanced Diet
Eating a high quality and well-balanced diet will ensure that your cat's fluff is shiny and soft. A feline that isn't getting the proper nutrients from her food or isn't drinking enough water may suffer from a dry and dull coat that is prone to excessive shedding.

Cat owners should ensure that their cats always have access to clean, fresh, and cool water, and craft the most suitable diet plan for puss with the help of your vet.

3. Suck It Up
Although this isn't exactly a method to minimise puss' shedding, it is by far one of the best ways to deal with her excessive cat hair. Cleaning up with a small hand-held vacuum cleaner will be an efficient way to remove all the loose hair on the furniture.

Many of these vacuum cleaners are lightweight and do not require plugging it into a power source, making cleaning up a breeze!

4. Lint Roller To The Rescue
A lint remover is a nifty product to have near your front door. It easily removes cat fur from your clothes just before you leave the house, so no one will ever suspect that you're a crazy cat person!

5. Off To The Vet 
While it is natural for felines to shed their fur and you shouldn't be alarmed if puss sheds more whenever the weather becomes warmer, excessive fur loss may be a cause for concern.

This is particularly the case if your cat sports missing patches of fur. Do make an appointment with your regular veterinarian to rule out common causes of fur shedding such as a fungus, allergy, or skin cancer.

* This article was updated on 12 Jan 2021. It first appeared in on 16 May 2016.