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Everyone is looking forward to the doggy swimming time in the pool, so here are some tips for first-time paw-rents hoping to introduce their furkids to swimming. 

Never Force Fido Into The Pool

The last thing you want is for your dog to associate water with fear and anxiety. Do the exact opposite by showering him with praise and rewards for his bravery. When he does something positive like approach the water and dips his paws in, cheer him on and let him have a bit of those yummy treats he loves.

Be Prepared To Get Wet & Wild

As his paw-rent, you need to show Fido how harmless and fun the water is. If he is reluctant and afraid, go near the pool and have fun splashing about. You may even go into the water and call him, so he’ll be motivated to follow you and try it out.

Bring Along Your Doggy First Aid Kit

When paws are wet for an extended period of time, they become soft and more susceptible to cuts and grazes. Although dog pools should not have any sharp objects in it, the same cannot be said for the rest of the facility. Take note of this and keep a first aid kit handy in case of any emergencies.

Dry Your Pooch

After he’s done with his swimming, make sure you do a thorough job in drying him down. Be extra careful to dry his ears — water-clogged ears can worsen into a nasty infection. For dogs prone to ear infections, consider using an ear wrap.

Choose The Right Pool

Since it’s the first time, try to pick a pool that’s beginner-friendly. Most facilities should have life-jackets for rent. You should also lookout for pool ramps and steps that’ll give Fido a place to remember as his starting and resting point.

Remember, doggy swimming takes patience. No dog learns to this overnight!