• Target Training

Using your hand or an attractive object, draw the attention of your bun and reward him when he tracks the movement of the object.


Start by calling your bunny’s name and reward any reaction, then encourage him to hop to you from a short distance. Gradually recall your bunny from further away—even another room!

Pose Pretty

Teach your bun to sit by holding a treat above his nose, then giving an ‘up’ command. This trick is guaranteed to impress your guests!

Hoppity Hop

Once bunny is used to following a target, lead him to leap over over a raised bar with a ‘hop’ command. Gradually increase the height of the bar, or even lead him through a hoop.


Using an object to catch your bun's attention, reward him when he physically follows the target. Gradually increase the distance by weaving a path around or between your legs.


Using a treat, lead your rabbit into his carrier or pen with a ‘bedtime’ or ‘home’ command. Subsequently, transition to a verbal command, or tap the cage or carrier if bunny needs some guidance.