Mid-year around June is our hottest "summer" months, and we’re feeling the heat. But the one that has it worst is your dog – his luscious fur coat may be lovely, but it also keeps him really warm. To make matters worse, he has limited sweat glands, and has to rely on panting to cool down.

When ambient temperatures hit over 32 degrees Celsius (which is an almost a daily occurrence) long walks or runs are not recommended. Not only will panting be insufficient for your furkid to beat the heat, but the concrete and gravel pavements may also get so hot it hurts your dog's delicate paws. 

That leaves swimming as the only form of exercise for the season. So invite your pooch's pals for a fun-filled doggy summer pool party filled with refreshing frozen treats, fun floating toys, and more!

Leap Of Faith

The scorching sun may cause your furkid to feel a little sluggish and quell his mood for exercise, so give him some incentive to dive into the water by tossing some delicious treats or kibble in.

If your dog is new to swimming, start by placing the food near the edge of the pool, slowly increasing the distance when you notice him getting more comfortable with getting his paws wet.

Iced Treats

Cool your pooch down with some wholesome frozen fruit pupsicles that can be made the night before.

Dice up a handful of fruits, and toss them into popsicle moulds. Fill up the moulds with water, and freeze for at least two hours. When choosing the ingredients, do not use grapes, raisins, or peaches, as their flesh, seeds, and/or pits can be toxic to dogs.

*This article was updated on 1 Dec 2020. It first appeared in PetsMagazine.com.sg on 9 Jun 2016.