Ever since the inception of the Guinness Book of Records in 1955, several awe-inspiring world records have been broken—for example, the most milkshake dispensed through the nose and the smallest human waist.

What you might not know is that these world records include animals as well. From bizarre to downright outstanding, here are some of the world’s record-breaking pets.

* Longest Fur On A Rabbit

This hair-raising record was broken in August 2014 by four-year-old English Angora rabbit Franchesca, whose fur measured 36.5cm. In comparison, a Subway footlong sandwich is only 12 inches (30.48cm) long!

Fluffy Franchesca and her paw-rent, Dr Betty Chu, live in San Jose, California. The 72-year-old is a former professor emeritus of economics at San Jose State University and has dedicated the last 36 years to breeding prize-winning English Angora rabbits.

She lives with 50 of them and regularly competes in competitive bunny shows, often coming out Best in Show. Her daily routine includes using a blower and brush to groom an average of eight to 12 fluffy buns.

* Most Balls Caught By A Dog In One Minute

Purin, a 10-year-old Beagle from Japan, is one gifted pup. She first broke this record in 2014 when she caught 11 mini footballs with her paws in one minute, and proceeded to break it a year later when she hit an all-time record of 14 mini footballs within one minute. That’s about four seconds per ball!

The secret to this fluffy goalkeeper’s success: Her paw-rent, Makoto Kumagai, practices with her for 15 minutes every day. As he carefully throws each ball to Purin, the pupper stands on her hind legs and holds out her sturdy paws ready to catch them one at a time.

That’s not all—Purin also holds the record for the fastest 10m travelled on a ball by a dog. She balanced on an inflatable yellow exercise ball and crossed the finish line in just 11.9 seconds.

* Longest Human Tunnel Travelled Through On A Skateboard By A Dog

Cruising through this achievement is Otto, an English Bulldog from Lima, Peru. This cool five-year-old pooch broke the world record in November 2015 when he skateboarded through a tunnel formed by 30 people standing with their legs apart.

For the record to hold, these folks had to stand in a straight line, face the same direction, and not touch or lead Otto. To manoeuvre through the narrow channel, the talented dog leaned from side to side and used his front paw to propel himself.

The motivation behind the world record came by accident: One day, Otto sped towards his paw-rent, Luciana Vialeon, on a skateboard and she had to make a tunnel with her legs quickly so the pup wouldn't run into her.

First published in Pets magazine, Oct/Nov 2017, Around the World (pg 18)