Photo: Vedanti | Pixabay

A small home doesn’t necessarily equate to less comfort for your cat. With a few space-efficient product purchases and some minor tweaks to your furniture layout, your feline will be kept happy and satisfied!

1. Hide The Litter Box
Litter boxes are big and can get stinky very quickly, making them eyesores especially in a small apartment. Pet owners can consider investing in litter box furniture, which can double up as a cabinet, allowing them to serve a secondary function instead of simply being a place for your kitty to take a dump.

If you don't intend to purchase additional furniture, extra closet space or an unused cabinet will be a great alternative to place your cat's litter box in. Many make use of unused cabinets under sinks, or in bathrooms.

2. Hanging Perches
Cats enjoy perching, and it keeps them mentally and physically healthy. However, cat trees and towers take up a lot of space and can make your small room feel cramped. Opt for perches that attach to your walls, windows, or doors, so that it doesn't take up any floor space.

3. Spring Clean 
It can be easy to accumulate clutter quickly with unnecessary cat toys and products, especially since cats are picky about what they use. Owners should put a time limit on any new additions and discard those that don't get used or played with regularly.  

4. Multi-Functional 
Instead of purchasing many separate items, why not pick those that combine several features into one? Not only does this save you money, you will also be left with more room around the house. A good example is cat beds with built-in scratch posts.

5. Vertical Space
While most of us don't take advantage of the space above our heads, our cats actually love it. Perches or cat towers that run all the way up to the ceiling will keep your cat occupied for a long time, and pet owners who enjoy working on DIY projects can even consider building a catwalk or tunnel system near the ceiling as well.

*This article was updated on 12 Apr 2021. It first appeared in on 5 May 2015