Photo:  Mia Anderson | Unsplash

Having two dogs does sound like a great idea – they are able to keep each other company, play with one another, and their interactions provide adorable photo opportunities. Think about it, if having one pooch brings us so much joy already, wouldn't having two multiply that?

While that may hold true, getting a second dog comes with a great number of added responsibilities too. In fact, it could even be more difficult than getting your first one. This is mostly due to the fact that on top of caring for both adequately, you would even have to handle the dynamics between the two.

They don't necessarily have to be of the same breed, age, or a comparable size, but paw-rents should look out for similar activity levels and temperaments.

Depending on the age, lifestyle, and personality of your first dog, he may not enjoy sharing the spotlight with the second one. It is thus important for paw-rents to ensure that you don't reduce any of the attention you pay to the first pooch to prevent any bitter or jealous sentiments.

You will also need to provide exercise and training to each dog, and this can't always be done at the same time as every dog has its own needs. For example, if one enjoys his morning walks by meandering slowly and taking the time to sniff at all the flowers on the sidewalk; while the other likes to chase small animals, it could be a challenge walking both together.

Of course, on a more practical level, having two dogs will definitely equate to higher cost. Keeping both canines healthy is extremely costly, and all owners must be prepared for that. Having to provide them with the best diets, great products, and regular veterinary care will not be cheap.

When it comes to planning vacations, having two dogs will be a great inconvenience as well. Not only will you have to find a pet-sitter, or boarding accommodation that is willing to take in two (again, adding to the overall cost), having to leave both of them behind is likely to make you worry twice as much! The getaway may end up heightening your stress levels instead.

However, with all that said, owning two dogs that have successfully established a “BFF” relationship with one another will surely be a boon. They are less likely to suffer from separation anxiety as they will always have each other if you can't be at home.

And of course, you'll be getting a lot more licks, and love. In the grand scheme of things, isn't that what matters the most?

*This article was updated on 28 Dec 2020. It first appeared in on 13 May 2016.