When taking the
dog out for a day at the beach for some one-on-one quality time, many of us are guilty of letting him ride in the front passenger seat.

Occasionally, we’d even wind down the window to let him stick his head and tongue out! While this may seem like harmless fun, an unrestrained pet is just as dangerous as an unrestrained child.

According to Toyota Motor, “an unrestrained child in an accident at 50kmh would suffer the same injuries as one dropped from a three-storey building. In the accident, a 5kg infant will hurtle forward with the force of 100kg”. As traffic conditions are unpredictable, there’s just no telling when you would have to jam the brakes in case of an emergency.

Experts say that it is safer for your furkid to ride in the back seat, where it is also less distracting for the driver. Using a carrier is one of the safer ways to keep Fido or Puss safe.

The carrier should be big enough for them to lay and sit up comfortably, but should not leave too much room in case of any sudden movements.

Photo: http://mypoochiesparadise.com

Dog harnesses that are fastened to the seatbelt with an adjustable strap should also be worn if you do not wish to place your pooch in a carrier.

Ensure that the harness fits snugly and comfortably so that your pooch does not struggle and get his leg tangled up with the straps. Much like the seat belt, the harness is a great way for keeping your pup safe.


Kurgo: Car Safety Dog Harness

Crash tested dog car harness that's built for comfort. The seatbelt and lightweight dog harness integrates directly with car seatbelt system. The seatbelt harness design reduces pitching forward in case of impact without any additional dog seatbelt, straps or attachments.

It comes with a broad, padded chest plate and all-steel nesting buckle system for extra protection and safety. There's a size guide and chart available for pet owners to select the right size.

Available in: Small/Medium/Large in Black or Charcoal

To Buy:  Amazon

Bwoguei: Adjustable Vehicle Seat Belts

This pet seat belt has an adjustable strap, which can be extended from 76cm to enable the dog to sit, lie down, or stand without restricting its movements too much.

Made of sturdy nylon fabric, it comes with a 360-degree zinc alloy swivel snap and metal buckle for durability.  It can be hung on the headrest easily and a rotation metal buckle connecting the dog harness.  Designed to be compatible with most vehicles.

Available in Black | Blue  

To Buy: Amazon

SlowTon: Adjustable Car Seatbelt For Pets

This dog seat belt allows your dog to sit, stand, lie down comfortably or reach to see out the window.

The belt can be clipped easily into most vehicles seat belt holders. The strap comes in durable nylon and the reflective stitching design is a boon for night time usage. The elastic bungee prevents sudden jerking with sudden movements.  

Adjustable up to 76cm, it's easy to use and comes in 2 pieces. These seat belts are suitable for dogs of different sizes due to the spring and adjustable straps.

Color: Black, Fuchsia, Pink, Purple 

To Buy: Amazon