Man's best friend can consume gross things like insects, toilet water or even his own puke! Though we are clearly aware of his odd habits, we tend to ignore all that when he starts to plant a few kisses on our cheeks.

Depending on what they eat, our dog's mouths are filled with different kinds of bacteria. Since they use their mouths like how we paw-rents use our hands, the bacteria count in their mouths can be pretty high.

Things like licking poop or even the floor will breed bacteria in their mouths, making it not so friendly for us paw-rents. Just imagine if he gives you lots of kisses right after licking his poop, yikes!

With all grossness aside, the truth is that the bacteria living in Fido’s mouth are mostly species-specific. This means they can only be transferred between animals within the same species! There is no harm in receiving kisses from your pooch, but we do advise staying up to date on his vaccinations to prevent any diseases or germs from spreading, as well as washing your hands and face after.

After all, who could resist those loveable puppy kisses?

*This article was updated on 6 Oct 2020. It first appeared in on 4 Jul 2016.