If you’re wondering how you can really let Puss or Fido feel your love for them, read on to find out:

1.  Tricks Or Training

Our furry friends need to be as active mentally as they are physically in order to keep them from being bored, which is why they actually look forward to exercises that make them think.

Training your pet to do simple tricks like the classic handshake or teaching them to sit on command helps to mentally stimulate your furkid, which is vital in maintaining your cat or dog’s health. Plus, you’ll have lots of fun teaching your furkid these tricks!

And while it’s no surprise that Fido can be trained, but it may come as a surprise to many that Puss is trainable as well.

2.  Brushing & Grooming

Grooming Fido by brushing his fur not only rids his coat of dirt and prevents matting–it also provides a good chance for you to bond with your dog. When a pooch’s skin is strong and healthy, brushing will feel like a relaxing massage.

It might take some time for your canine companion to get used to being brushed, but this exercise will build up Fido’s trust in you and strengthen the bond between owner and pet.

The same goes for cats–gentle brushing helps keep Puss’ fur clean in a similar way to canines. To add to this, the sensation may be reminiscent of her mother’s grooming that she experienced as a kitten, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable for your feline friend.

3.  Let’s Go For A Walk

Both cats and dogs enjoy physical exercise because it gives them a chance to stretch and stay nimble. Plus, being present for your pet’s exercise time (such as taking Fido out for a walk or playing chasing and catching games with Puss) helps your pet associate the joy that is derived from exercise with you.

You effectively build an affectionate bond with your pet since you spend time communicating and interacting with your furkid while doing an activity that it enjoys.

4.  Hand-Feeding Treats

Need we say more about how much Puss and Fido love treats? Rewarding your pet with treats is a definite show of affection that your furkid will love.

However, giving them food by hand as compared to leaving the tasty morsel on the floor or in a bowl more strongly establishes you as the food provider. It also helps you and your pet bond by building up your furkid’s trust in you, especially when you use these snacks as a reward for completing a task or trick.

5.  The Sweet Spot

Where exactly do Puss and Fido like being stroked? Most canines are comfortable with being petted on the chest, shoulders and the base of the neck. They also enjoy chin scratches and being stroked at the back of the neck.

Felines, on the other hand, generally love being petted at the base of their chins, at the base of their ears, on their cheeks behind their whiskers or near the start of their tails. You might have noticed your cat rubbing its head or tail area against you from time to time.

What Puss is actually doing is marking you as a member of her family with the use of pheromones that are released from her scent glands. The pheromones have a calming scent to your feline. That’s why by stroking her near her scent glands, you are getting these pheromones on your hand, which makes for a calming experience for Puss.

* This article was updated on 9 July 2020. It first appeared in Pets Magazine, 12 April 2017.