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Brian Mock uses reclaimed metal to craft his incredible animal sculptures.

While most of us can only think of upcycling, this US artist uses scrap metal from old car parts and unused cutlery and turns them into fanciful outdoor sculptures.

Sculpture specialist, Brian Mock grew up near Portland, Oregon in the United States. He spent his young life drawing, and much of his adult life painting and wood carving. In the late 1990's he began sculpting with recycled metal and, found his new avenue for his creativity.

From the screws, nuts, and bolts gathered, he discovered his love of upcycling art. After teaching himself how to assemble and weld his artistic sculptures into forms, he was able to create an entire menagerie of metallic animals  ̶  including dogs and cats  ̶  all from reclaimed materials.

Today, Brian's work can be seen in galleries from New York to Maui, in public spaces, and several publications -- including two art books. His sculptures have been purchased by a number of luxury hotels, by countless international collectors, and by "Ripley's Believe It or Not" museum.  

His website offers more such sculptures.

Brian Mock with one of his many metal creations.