From the first day you bring your Bengal home, it will surely be non-stop entertainment as the cat owns its territory and eventually its humans. 

They are energetic, athletic, highly intelligent, playful, communicative, fun-loving, affectionate, super loyal – and the list goes on.  There is never a dull moment with Bengals as they turn your home into theirs. Do you have a home that matches your Bengal’s vibrant personality and its lively energy?

So what exactly do you need to have to create an enriched environment for your Bengals?

It can be a cat tree or flat board with sisal,
but it has to be tall.

* Climbing, And Lots Of It

It can be a cat tree or flat board with sisal, but it has to be tall. The commercially ready-made cat trees are not made for climbing but scratching. Bengals are muscular hunters with a need for exercise. Provide them with tall sturdy posts or boards and enjoy watching them climb their way up.

* Jumping Around Or Even 360⁰ Around  

This means shelves that enable ascent or descent and getting around, generally. If you have more than one Bengal cat, these strategically placed shelves, combined with climbing posts, bridges or natural cat trees will be their vertical playground and hunting ground.

A 360⁰ round is most ideal if there is space within your home, but a wall space or two is good too with proper planning.

* High Lookout Points

Bengals love to look out from, look down and rest on high places.  These can be boxes to hide in, shelves, hammocks and bridges.  If you do not have this provided for, Bengals will attempt to climb to the top of your fridge, cupboard, door, shower screen, laundry poles, cooker hoods, fans, chandeliers and many more unwanted places.

As long as there is a landing ground, they will be up there, even if these spots are precarious.

* Perch By Window, Balcony Or Open Space

Give Bengals opportunities to remain highly
active to keep them happy

* Indoor cats can get bored looking at the same four walls, hence a perch by the window to watch the birds, listen to the leaves rustling or just to chill will enrich their environment.

These perches can come in the form of suspended platforms, shelves placed before windows, cat stations or bridges connecting two walls. Do remember to ensure that these windows or areas are secured for cats to safely look out from.

Bengals come from cross-breeding with Asia Leopard and domestic cats and they have the disposition of being wild, which can be a handful and challenging. Owning a Bengal keeps you on your toes and you can channel that high energy into something positive by bringing the "outdoors" into your home. Give Bengals opportunities to remain highly active to keep them happy and in turn, be happy Pawrents!

Alen Thum, Founder, Director, The Cat People

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The Cat People, believe in shaping a wholesome home for all cats. Cat safety is a priority and they can help secure your home with cat safety nets and transform its interior into a classy haven for your furbabies.