Since 1989, Judy Reinford has been creating art as a photographer. Her credentials are as long as they are prestigious. She's a Master Artist, Master Photographer and a Photographic Craftsman. She is also a CPP, Certified Professional Photographer through PPA, Professional Photographers of America. She also currently serves as a Council member for PPA and is the owner of six Pomeranians.

Judy, 54, resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA and currently specialises in pet photography, which is often done on location. She enjoys "working with the unpredictability, high energy and often time challenging task of photographing animals." 

Judy says: "Photographing pets for families is very rewarding. Capturing them at the puppy stage and then a little older, getting those personality traits that pet parents love so much about their furry friend so that later they have these memories makes me feel like what I do is so important." 

This award-winning international photographer picked up a camera in the early 1980s while still in high school, and soon realised what she was meant to do with her life and, how to unleash her ever-growing curiosity and creativity.

The following are just some of her many works that continue to enthral and delight the shutterbug in all of us.  

For more info, visit: Judy Reinford Photography