Why should I rabbit proof my home?

Rabbits are naturally curious animals. They enjoy exploring and are apt to chew on any objects they can find. Rabbit proofing helps to prevent your rabbits from damaging your property. It also protects your rabbits from harm such as being electrocuted or burned by chewing up electrical wires.

What can I do to rabbit proof my home?

Before you begin, get down to your rabbit’s eye level and see what might interest your rabbit. You would be better able to spot hazards and objects that you normally wouldn’t notice. In general, try to keep all foreign objects out of reach from your rabbit if it is going to be allowed to roam in your house.

Electrical wires and phone cords

  • Hide all wires or cords if possible
  • Rearrange furniture to hide exposed wires and cords
  • Any wires or cords that cannot be hidden should be covered
  • Plastic tubing or rubber tubing can be used to encase the wires
  • Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture

  • Wrap wooden legs in heavy plastic or tin foil to discourage chewing
  • Keep your valuable wooden furniture in a shut room
  • Spray bitter spray on wooden furniture to deter chewing


  • First of all, make sure any houseplants you have are not toxic for your bunny
  • Even if they are not toxic, keep them out of reach
  • Ensure that hanging plants are not poisonous as fallen leaves may be eaten
  • Potted houseplants should be kept away so your bunny does not dig up the soil
  • For a list of poisonous plants, please see here

Digging and Chewing

  • Bunnies love to dig and chew and may cause significant damage to carpets, furniture, books, shoes and the like
  • To prevent digging, try keeping books, shoes and other chewables out of reach from your bunny
  • To protect your carpet, you can cover it with acrylic sheets, plastic mats, or untreated grass mats
  • Tacking down your carpets may be a good alternative
  • Ensure that your wastebaskets are not accessible for your bunny as it may contain harmful items and spoiled foods

Hiding Spots

  • Bunnies enjoy crawling under furniture or into little nooks and crannies, but they can get stuck, escape, or chew the undersides of your furniture
  • To prevent the undersides of your furniture from being chewed, you can tack a piece of plywood underneath, or use it to block access to the underside of the furniture
  • Remember to keep all appliance wires tucked away so that your bunny does not get stuck or chew on the wires
  • Block any tight spaces where your bunny can get stuck or escape from