Rabbits are playful animals and are a lot of fun to watch when they’re playing. Rabbit toys are something that both you and your rabbit can enjoy. A fun selection of items will keep your rabbit entertained, especially when it is in a cage or a pen for the majority of the time. When your rabbit is let out to play, you can provide it with toys and activities to keep its environment stimulating.

Chew toys

Bunnies love to chew on things. It is important to ensure that the chew toys you give to your rabbit are untreated and clean. Simple household items such as toilet paper rolls stuffed with hay make excellent chew toys. Clean and dry pine cones, untreated wicker baskets and pieces of wood are fun for chewing.

Toss toys

Bunnies also enjoy tossing things around. Items that are light and non-toxic make fantastic toys for tossing. Baby toys, wicker balls, and straw objects are suitable as long as they are clean and untreated. Try to avoid giving your bunny toys that may be easily swallowed.

Digging and shredding

Any bunny will attest to the fact that they love to dig. A cardboard box or untreated wicker basket filled with hay or newspapers can provides hours of fun! Try being creative by hiding treats and newspaper in a paper bag and let your bunny dig and shred his way in. Old books or magazines such as the Yellow Pages make for excellent entertainment. Even towels make great toys for your bunny – a gentle game of tug of war can make your bunny’s day. Some bunnies enjoy burrowing into towels or simply kneading or tossing them around. Take care that your bunny is not ingesting any of the items, as it may be harmful.

Burrow and hide

Bunnies love to play hide and seek. Providing them with places to hide, chew, and nap can keep your rabbit happy for hours. Large cardboard boxes, cat condos, or hollow logs can make great hideaway spots for your bunny. Just make sure the entrance and exit holes are not blocked so your bunny can find his way in and out.

Toys from pet stores

Rabbit toys from pet stores are generally safe for all bunnies. Even toys that are designed for other animals can make great toys for bunnies. However, always make sure that the items do not contain substances that are harmful to bunnies.

Toys from toy stores

Baby toys, plush toys and rubber balls are also generally safe for all bunnies. However, extra care must be taken to ensure that these items do not contain toxic substances such as foam, gel, or glue.

Household items

Most household items such as baskets, towels, wood, cardboard boxes, old newspapers, old telephone books and the like are great sources of endless fun for your bunny. Simply ensure that none of the items are toxic or harmful to your bunny.


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