Cats are sun worshippers and can spend hours napping in the sun – why should we deny them this luxury? Help your indoor cat enjoy the (endless) summer sunshine here in Singapore with the following tips.

  • Give your cat access to sunny windowsills and put his bed in any particularly sunny areas so he can bask in the sunshine.
  • A tall piece of cat furniture with platforms placed next to a window or patio doors makes an ideal sunbathing location.
  • Your indoor cat can still be affected by the heat so, if necessary, groom him more often to remove loose hairs and prevent furballs. This will help to lighten his coat and allow cool air to pass through more easily.
  • A fine granule litter will make it easier for your cat tor ake over her excretions and help prevent a smelly litter tray.
  • Your cat may have a reduced appetite in the heat so keep an eye on his food intake and reduce the protions you put out. Dry food is the best option as it won’t spoil in the heat. Ensure that he always has a supply of fresh, clean water.
  • Windows screens made of fine wire mesh or window guards will allow your cat to enjoy fresh air without escaping. For exceptionally hot days, set up an electric fan where it will cool a room without a draft at floor level.
  • If you feel it is safe to give your cat access to a balcony, fit fine gauge wire around the railings and let him out only when you can be with him.