In Singapore, most of our cats are kept as indoor pets. We fear for their safety outdoors, but being indoors can also pose just as many dangers – eg: the high-rise syndrome. While we can minimise the risks of our cats being lost, infected, or hurt at home, we must always consider what’s best for our cats.

An indoor environment can be controlled and thus, be kept as safe as possible for our cats but it can also quickly become boring and uneventful. Boredom in cats can lead to stress, inactivity and obesity, so it is vital that you provide kitty with everything she needs.

A good idea to start is to think like your cat – think about what she normally does outdoors, and try to imitate the environment and behaviour indoors. Here are some general ideas:

1. Hygiene

Place litter trays in quiet places around your home and make sure you clean them out regularly. Cats love their privacy and solitude when they do their business and it would be great if you could provide more toileting areas in your home for your kitty. To avoid toileting problems, there should always be at least one litter tray per cat.

2. Natural daylight

Ensure your cat has access to natural daylight. Cats love to bask in the sunshine and the normal cycle of night and day helps govern natural behaviour by influencing their hormone levels.

3. Personal space

Cats need their personal space, it is very important for their psychological well-being; forcing too many cats to share a small area will result in behavioural and even physical problems as they will each compete for their own territory. Though they may get along well, each cat must have a separate area to which he can escape.

4. Waterworks

Cats prefer drinking water in interesting ways – and especially when it’s away from their feeding area. There are many products in the market that can help make drinking a fun activity for your cat. Water fountains and drink better bowls will help kitty hydrated.

5. Scratching posts

This is essential for any home with cats, or your furniture is likely to be destroyed. Provide scratching posts at several locations around your home so your cat can mark his territory, strengthen his muscles and sharpen his claws.