6. Rest and relax

Give your cat access to two types of resting place: an enclosed one at floor level (with natural daylight) and another that is higher with a good view. By creating levels for cats to jump to and rest on, they can exercise muscles that would be used for climbing trees or jumping over fences.

7. Hunting games

Toys on strings and hunting-type games make playtime very exciting for your cat. It keeps him mentally stimulated and helps him stay fit and healthy. Hunting games are very useful in preventing weight gain, boredom, and frustration.

8. Play-safe toys

When you’re not around to entertain your kitty, you can leave toys around your home that your kitty can play with on his or her own. Ensure that these toys are not easily destructible or too small. You can change the places where you put these toys, or rotate the types of toys used, so your cat’s home environment always remains dynamic and fun.

9. Cat grass

Growing your own cat grass can help discourage your cat from helping himself to houseplants or other flowers – some of which can be poisonous. For a list of poisonous plants, please see here. Cats often chew plants to help pass hairballs. Growing your own catnip might be a good idea too – your cat will certainly love you for it.

10. Music

Leave a radio on, or set your TV to come on at a specific time – such as when there is a wildlife programme on. Some cats love watching moving pictures and others even enjoy DVDs and computer screensavers that have been designed specifically for cats to watch.