We have to be a little more mindful of our pets with Halloween just around the corner. For the family, especially the children, Halloween means costumes, chocolates and gallivanting. But for our furry friends, Halloween isn’t all that special.

Frightened Pets

Trick or treaters can be noisy and frighten pets. Wherever possible, try to keep your pets inside in a quiet room where they can be insulated from all of the commotion. Dogs in particular should be kept from the front door. If they are excitable or easily frightened by strangers, they could bite or run out into the street.

Dress to Impress

If you are dressing your pet in a costume, avoid putting them in constricting costumes that might cause them to trip, or block their vision. Avoid costumes that use rubber bands. Rubber bands left on can burrow into the skin causing injury. Rubber bands can also be extremely dangerous for birds.

No Treats Allowed

Candy is sweet, but can be lethal for our furry companions. Chocolate in particular is dangerous, causing vomiting, restlessness, heart disturbances and even death.

Keep on eye on them

Don’t leave pets outside on Halloween. Many animals disappear as pranksters and those with darker intentions tease, abduct, torture, or even kill pets.

Be especially watchful of black cats, which are frequent targets of cruel activities on Halloween. Try to keep black cats inside for the week of Halloween. Many animal shelters make black cats unavailable for adoption the week before Halloween because of black cat abuse.