Neglecting preventive health care if by far the most common mistake dog owners make. Apparently, dog owners do not take their dogs to the vet for regular examinations such as giving them heartworm prevention or getting the appropriate vaccinations and deworming medications. Veterinarians strongly advise dog owners to be diligent when it comes to preventive care as illnesses such as heartworm can be fatal for dogs but are in fact, easily preventable.

Annual checkups can help your veterinarian catch problems early on. Instead of having to cope with lengthy treatments or an advanced or chronic condition, with regular checkups your veterinarian can detect problems early, when care can mean cure. Early and preventive care also saves you money in the long run.

Although annual examinations may coincide with needed vaccinations, simply getting your dog vaccinated is not the same as a full physical exam. Among other things, a comprehensive checkup may include:

  • blood work
  • fecal examination for parasites
  • gum, teeth, eyes, ears, nose examination

Consult your own veterinarian to learn more.