[image credited to womantalks.com]

Humans have first aid kits, and so should animals. Whether it’s just a minor cut or an emergency, you should always have these items on hand so you can tend to your pet.

  1. One-inch wide surgical tape
  2. A pair of tweezers—for handling sterile gauze pads
  3. Adhesive bandages
  4. Cotton rolls
  5. Gauze pads
  6. Gauze tape
  7. Large towel—to wrap around your pet securely or to absorb blood
  8. Muzzle (or fashion one)—great for ensuring that your canine friend who is scared or in pain does not nip.
  9. Saline—for cleaning wounds
  10. A pair of scissors
  11. Emergency ice pack (tip: always have them in your fridge so you’ll always have them ready)

How to fashion a makeshift muzzle:

  • Use a long piece of fabric, such as a scarf or panty hose.
  • Make a loop with the fabric and place the loop snugly around your dog’s snout.
  • Tie the ends of the fabric behind its head to secure it. You should not place a muzzle on a dog that is choking, experiencing breathing difficulties, or is unconscious. If you have a dog with a short or flat snout such as a bulldog, shih tzu or pug, you should purchase a suitable muzzle beforehand and place it in your first aid kit.