10 Tips to Simplify Bath Time

 The best method to use if you are facing difficulties bathing your dog is to begin from his head and work your way towards his tail.

 This will help to get rid of lice and ticks that are hiding in the ears, around the face and over the body.

 One easy way is to pour water over the head of your dog. This will bring out the lice and ticks lodged inside his ears and accumulate on his face, making it easier for you to get rid of them. (Is pouring water over the dog’s head a good idea?)

 Dog shampoos and pest eradicating medicines specifically made to eliminate these parasites can also be used.

  1. Run the water in the tub to let the dog get used to the sound which can make bathing a simple and soothing experience for him.
  2. Slowly add small amounts of water into the tub to gradually raise the water level so that the canine does not get scared. Use a small bowl or pitcher to pour either cold or warm water in the tub.
  3. If a water hose is being used, adjust the nozzle to regulate the spray of water to a low level so that your dog would get frighten by the water. It will help him to feel more at ease while you shower him.
  4. Never spray water directly at the dog’s eyes and genitals.
  5. Ensure that you clean the canine’s rectum, toes, and under his chin while applying dog shampoo onto his coat.
  6. Avoid getting shampoo into your pooch’s eyes.
  7. Be careful how you apply shampoo over the canine’s tail. Dogs get nervous and scared when their tails are touched.
  8. Completely wash off any excess shampoo from your pooch’s coat, to prevent skin irritation.
  9. Dry the dog’s body with a clean towel thoroughly before taking him out of the tub.
  10. Some types of canines have delicate hairs. Do not dry their hair roughly with a towel, use a soft towel and pat them dry.

As long as you have a dog, grooming a mandatory and a lifetime learning experience that teaches you care and love.

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