Who does not like taking pictures of their precious furkids? Here are five things to consider when taking shots that will last a lifetime.

1. It is all in the personality
For example if everyone knows your pet as a sleepy, lazy or placid, shoot around their sleeping area. If Fido is hyperactive and always on the move, your best backdrop would be the dog run where it will be racing around or playing with other animals.

2. Choosing the location
Consider the familiarity of the location and the emotions that it will evoke in you as the pets owner. Also, background is very important. Our advice; the plainest ones are the most ideal as this will be the least distracting. Adding people to your shoot helps pets be more comfortable, especially if they are with their owners.

3. Modes of shooting
This is especially true for small animals where they tend to get lost in all the clutter surrounding them. Though it is not easy, it is worth the effort as details add to the personality of the picture. If this is not possible, consider getting a long focal lens where it helps in isolating your furkid from all the noise. You can also use a fast shutter speed to catch your subject in action without the blur effect.

4. Get on your knees
Pictures that are shot at your pets’ level gives an interesting perspective. Some have described it as getting a glimpse of what it looks like from their angle. You can also catch then unaware where their candid expressions tend to make the best pictures.

5. Shine that light
Caution: do not use flash. Some animals do not take nicely to the burst of light. Also, this will overexpose your picture. The only exception is when your pet is very dark or black. If you ask us, wait for the magic hour which is between the time of 530pm to 630pm.

Source: http://digital-photography-school.com

Picture: www.lifepics.com