If you are going away on a holiday this June, have you made any plans for your furkid yet? If not, now is a good time to start searching for the school holidays usually have these people insanely booked! Here are five tips to help you find that pet sitter.

1. References
Friends and vets are usually a good starting point. Calling up your potential pet sitter also helps ease worries.

2. The soft skills
Good telephone manners, prompt e-mail replies and even a website can make all the difference in ensuring that this pet sitter takes her job seriously.

3. Any questions?
It is best if the pet sitter has a protocol to follow. A well-prepared one would have a set of questions to decide precisely what is expected for your furkid and home.

4. It is an emergency!
Thoroughly brief the pet sitter on important information. This includes special meals, medications and providing your vet’s number. It would be wise to have a checklist on hand to avoid missing out any important details.

5. The add-ons
What does he or she specialise in? Some pet sitters have skills such as caring for immobile pets. But most importantly, can this person perform the things that YOU need for Fido or Whiskers? This may include injections, fluid and pill administrations. To go the extra mile, we know of some pet sitters that install a “puppy cam” for you to have peace of mind while on holiday.


Source: http://allpetnews.com
Picture source: http://silentvacivity.blogspot.com