Though many find it a hassle, keeping your furkid’s records up to date goes a long way in the event that it gets lost. Outdated information like phone numbers and addresses are useless, especially should an animal shelter like the SPCA find them. Besides traceability, canines have to be licensed due to rabies control. Owners who keep unlicensed dogs can be fined a hefty $5000.

Keeping records up to date

Check with the animal registry to ensure that the microchip is properly registered at AVA’s database. This will also confirm that your contact information is correct. The canine needs to be housed at the registered address at the time of registration. Should you move home, you would need to change the address at AVA’s website via an online application within 28 days.

In an event where the canine has been adopted, missing or has passed away, owners are required to inform AVA by submitting an online notification at their website.

Even if contact details stay the same, owners must ensure that their licenses are renewed annually.

The public can contact AVA on dog licensing issues at

Let’s go paperless

Since 19 August 2011, pet owners can not only apply for a license through the Internet, but also update records using their SingPass accounts. This is extremely convenient as your particulars will already be in place. Pet owners will receive an email notification when their application has been processed.

If you do not have a SingPass account, you can apply for one at here.


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