First and foremost, it is wise to see a doctor to find out what allergies you are suffering from. For all you know, you may not be allergic to your pet but to something else. If your pet is what is causing your allergies, the next step would be to find out what exactly is triggering it. Allergens come in various forms, from pet’s saliva, their skin glands and fur. Allergic reactions in humans can vary in severity, from nose irritations to asthma.

If you figured that having a pet is more important to you than your personal comfort, here are some ways to make life with your pet more manageable:

  1. Allocate an area in your home to be allergy-free, making it a go-to place if your allergies are triggered. Invest in air purifiers to reduce allergens and pathogens. It may not be possible to make your entire home allergy-free, but one room will be a good start.
  2. Ensure that you bathe your pet weekly to reduce allergens. Using shampoo and soap recommended by your vet could enhance effectiveness.
  3. Attempt allergy treatments such as allergy shots, anti-histamine nose sprays and pills. A combination of these methods is likely to be effective.

Explore these approaches to allow you to fulfil your dream of being a pet owner. Get started now by talking to your doctor or allergist. 


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