Every Chinese New Year, kids open their red packets with glee. So Roots Technologies—the sole distributor of KONG in Singapore— aims to put a “smile” on the face of every shelter dog with the  KONG Cares campaign. Launched in November 2014, the initiativeendeavours to provide one KONG toy to every dog under the care of a local animal shelter or animal welfare group by March 2017. Imagine the excitement a less fortunate pooch will feel when he receives a KONG toy filled with yummy treats!

While shelter dogs may no longer have to worry about the elements or the hazards of our urban jungle, they face a different set of problems in their temporary home. They are often subjected to environmental stress and extreme boredom due to the lack of stimulation and exercise. As a result, many end up developing anxiety or behavioural issues, which may lead to a decrease in the canine’s adoptability. Giving a shelter mutt a KONG—many have never seen a toy before—can help ease anxiety by providing him with hours of fun, while distracting him from the surroundings. A calm and well-adjusted pooch stands a much better chance of finding his forever home.

The local KONG Cares campaign was inspired by its counterpart in the U.S.A., which sells flawed KONGs at a discounted rate to shelters.KONG Cares Singapore takes it a step further by giving—not selling—these toys to the dogs, and even donates slow-moving and discontinued stockas well.The toy continues to give after the pooch gets adopted, as having something familiar will help Fido settle down more quickly in his new home.

Any animal welfare group or individual who rescues and provides shelter for dogs qualifies. You can also help to raise awareness by liking KONG Cares Singapore’s Facebook page. Let’s do our part to spread the word and make sure that every shelter dog gets a“KONGpow” this Chinese New Year, and beyond.

To find out more or be a part of KONG Cares, visit www.kong.com.sg.To show support for the campaign, head to www.facebook.com/kongcaressg.


 Image source: www.dreamstime.com