Suction power: Is it strong enough to pick up fur and kibble crumbs?

Hygiene: Is the filtration system sufficient for allergy-prone users?

User-friendliness: How easy is the machine to operate?



Price: $799

Test: Specially designed for pet owners, this vacuum cleaner is constructed with a rotating brush that blends two unique bristles—soft and stiff—to target both dust particles and fur. Featuring four adjustable levels of suction power, the machine effortlessly sucks up bigger crumbs and fur on ‘Air Turbo’ mode. Effective on both hard flooring and carpet, the flexible rectangular head reaches easily into corners. Besides using washable HEPA filters, the vacuum’s dust re-emission is certified class ‘A’, making it the perfect vacuum for allergy-prone pet parents.

Verdict: Although it cleans thoroughly, the Power Animal is relatively bulky and requires some effort to assemble. The cylinder alone weighs 6.4kg and needs to be connected to three other parts. However,  the powerful 2200-watt motor makes heavy duty jobs a cinch.

Total score: 4/5



Price: $1,049

Test: This nifty 2.75kg machine proves that good things come in small packages. Featuring the brand’s new Radial Cyclone technology that generates high centrifugal forces to isolate and capture dust, microscopic allergens, spores and bacteria, the DC63’s slurps up fur and kibble crumbs within seconds. In fact, the head doesn’t even need to reach all the way to the corners to get the job done. Also a good option for allergy-prone users, the hygiene filters are HEPA-certified and washable, and a dust capture channel is built in, so dirt can’t escape back onto the floor.

Verdict: Lightweight enough for quick spot clean-ups yet powerful enough for big vacuuming jobs, this set is incredibly user-friendly. The brush bar on the head is easily removed with a coin-click mechanism, while the bin provides a button to release the collected dirt from the base. These features makes it a breeze to empty, and greatly reduces re-contact with dust and allergens.

Total score: 4.5/5


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