Having lived the high life in Los Angeles (L.A.), Bandit is the quintessential Hollywood hound. Impeccably groomed and bursting with energy, the dashing Siberian Husky bounds up to us excitedly before quickly making his way back to his owner's side. Bandit is the furry BFF of his indulgent paw-rent Valerie Ding, who spoils him silly with delicious food and countless dog beds. 

“Bandit hates being away from me and vice versa. My friends say that I’m the one with separation anxiety!” she jests.

We understand that you cook most of his meals. Can you share his menu?

Valerie: On a daily basis, he eats boiled, steamed or grilled chicken with rice, carrots and celery. But I’ll try to vary the cooking style of the chicken, as he sometimes gets bored and refuses to eat the same thing. Quite often, he has the same good cuts of meat, such as Wagyu and Kobe beef, that we put on our family dinner table! When we have shabu-shabu dinners at home, I prepare some of the meat from our table and mix it with rice and a little soup in a bowl for him to eat next to me. He has always eaten human food, so he would never touch dog food.

What happens when you’re out with him, or too busy to prepare his food?

I usually try to get them prepared at restaurants. There was once I needed to feed him after coming home late from work, so I dropped by a nice cafe at Dempsey, and checked if they could prepare something for Bandit. They didn’t have anything suitable on the menu, but I managed to get the chef to customise the beef steak sandwich without salt, pepper and bread.

Do you worry that by over-pampering Bandit, he’ll become spoilt or ill-behaved?

He is spoilt, but not ill-behaved. After all, everyone wants the best for their kids. I would like to think that he is pretty well-disciplined, as he knows exactly what he is and isn’t supposed to do. He is very intelligent.


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