When pets visited Wong on a Friday morning, only half of his impressive fur family were around to greet us. The self-professed animal fanatic shares his home with more than 15 pets, including dogs, birds, Chinchillas, hamsters, terrapins, a cat, a guinea pig, and of course, his Netherland Dwarf bunny, Wing.

It may be hard to believe, but all his precious pets live in perfect harmony. “They don’t always cuddle and play with each other, but when they do, it’s especially endearing. At the Pet N the City 2014 event, I actually saw Happy (the cat) lovingly grooming Wing. Unlike my dog Tira, Happy is not affectionate, so I was surprised to see him licking Wing!” recalls Wong.

Does Wing have a best friend he especially loves to play with?
He does! Mickey (the Chinchilla) and Wing love to chase each other around the house. He prefers to spend time with the Chinchilla and guinea pig, probably because they are of similar sizes. Of the bigger animals, Wing and Tiramisu (the Papi-tese) are the closest. Tiramisu often runs to Wing to lick and groom him!

How do you feel about the unlikely friendship between your pets?
My pets are true blue Singaporeans—despite their differences, they all live together in peace and harmony! They love each other like siblings. When I bring them out for events and they are in a new environment, they will huddle together for security.

What do your friends and family have to say about your unusual combo of pets?
Back in the day, my family lived in a kampung. They had cats to hunt pests, which included birds. Everyone was shocked and worried when I introduced Happy (the cat) to my birds, but I patiently socialised them. Now, everyone is amazed at how well all my pets get along with each other! My parents are especially proud of me and my animals.

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