Trust the Japanese to invent designer dog furniture with a purpose. From the creative director of Japanese lifestyle
store Muji comes Architecture for Dogs (AFD)—a collection of dog-inspired furniture projects by world-class architects and designers. In 2012, Kenya Hara collaborated with Imprint Venture Lab, and released the D-Tunnel for Teacup Poodles. Since then, 12 designers have hopped on board and contributed a design each. Once built, these designs become fancy pieces of furniture, specially tailored to suit our pint-sized pals. Each one  as created for a specific dog breed, keeping in mind their behavioural tendencies and unique body shapes and sizes. 

Here's one of our favourite designs, the Wanmock: 

Designer: Torafu Architects, for Jack Russell Terriers
Difficulty: Easy
The Wanmock is a wooden hammock, where your dog can nestle in a springy stretched fabric. Jack Russell Terriers (JRT) are supposedly very sensitive to their owners’ smells, so pair this piece with your old slouchy tee
for the ultimate JRT bed.

The blueprints are available online, and are absolutely free of charge. Download them from


Psst. We gave the Wanmock a go--flip to Pet Trends of our April/May 2015 issue to see how it went!

Here's a little teaser: