Milo & Bonedigger

When Bonedigger the lion was left partially crippled after a metabolic bone disease, Milo the dachshund stepped into the lion’s den – literally. Seeming to sense the lion's disability, Milo is protective of his much bigger feline friend, and the two can often be seen sharing meals, and even taking their naps together.

(Image source: Barcroft USA)


Tinni & Sniffer

In the spirit of the Disney classic The Fox And The Hound, Tinni the dog met Sniffer the fox on a walk through the Norwegian woods, and the two became fast friends. Now inseparable, Tinni’s owner, a photographer, often follows the two with his camera as they have their adventures in the woods and intends to use his work to ban the fox fur trade in Norway.


(Image source: Berit Helberg, daily mail.)


 Osiris & Riff Rat

Rats still get a bad rep in our modern society, even though they make lovely pets, and are intelligent creatures. A therapy dog Osiris seems to concur with this, and has a rodent best friend named Riff Rat, and the two share a friendship full of affection and love, and even groom each other. Their instagram page is now gaining popularity as their day-to-day adventures get recorded in truly adorable photographs.

(Image source: osirisandriff@instagram)


Bubbles & Bella

When Bubbles the elephant was rescued from ivory poachers in Africa, she was brought into a safari reserve in the United States for rehabilitation. Now, standing at nine feet tall and weighing about four tonnes, she has found an unlikely buddy in the form of Bella, a black Labrador who was left behind by a contractor who built Bubbles’s swimming pool. Now the odd couple spend their days playing in the water, and Bella is particularly fond of using Bubbles as a diving board!


(image source: Barry Bland)