Besides good nutrition and sufficient exercise, your furkid also needs adequate medical care to keep healthy. Dr Eugene Lin, senior veterinary surgeon with The Animal Ark Veterinary Group, shares what to look out for when “shopping” for a vet.

Medical services
“Your potential vet should ideally be capable of providing a range of services, from routine check-ups to surgical procedures. The clinic he or she works at should also have access to medical equipment for radiography, and performing ultrasounds and blood tests in-house.”

The environment
“Any reputable clinic should take pride in their space, and be agreeable to giving you a quick tour around the facilities. Keep an eye out for state-of-the-art equipment, which is one of the clearest indications of the clinic’s, and by extension, the vet’s readiness for medical progress.”

Emergency hotline
“It is essential that the clinic you pick has an emergency hotline—keep this handy in case anything critical arises in the wee hours. Additionally, vets on duty should be able to access their furry patients’ records in case of emergencies.”

Good bedside manner
“You should feel comfortable speaking to the vets in your prospective clinic, as the relationships between owner, pet, and vet often last through the years. Vets with good bedside manners are a bonus, as you’ll be better able to freely discuss your furkid’s symptoms, tests and treatment options with clear, open communication.”

Effective follow-up
“If your furkid has a chronic health condition, your chosen vet should discuss Fido’s treatment plan with you and initiate a follow-up visit for his furry patient without being prompted to do so. Regular checks ensure that your pet not only receives timely treatment, but also has the best shot at a good quality of life.”