Not every dog lover has the luxury of becoming a paw-rent, which is why We are the Furballs, or WTF, provides the perfect solution with its dog petting cafe concept. First opened in Katong in 2013, WTF shifted to a bigger location at Bugis+ in May this year. Unlike typical dog cafes that provide a space for paw-rents to bring their furkids, WTF follows a similar concept to cat cafes and offers a bevy of furry beauties for patrons to cuddle, play and interact with. Hence, customers are not allowed to bring their own four-legged guests.

Furry Residents
Of the nine purebred resident pooches, six were purchased together and already playing host at the cafe’s Katong premises. After moving to Bugis+, two more were added. “We wanted a cohesive pack, so it was important to introduce them to the cafe environment together. Growing up together has helped the dogs to get along and stress is reduced with minimal changes to the group,” shares WTF’s director Debbie Kok. The nine female pooches were selected for their temperaments, sizes, as well as the sociability of each breed.
Besides being trained by Debbie’s husband, the pack is also brought on frequent walks to promote calmness. Hence, when we arrived, the dogs greeted us with nary a bark, only reserving rambunctious play with each other over toys or a game of chase. As impeccably groomed as they are well-behaved, the pooches are showered weekly, with their ears cleaned and nails trimmed every two months.

Paw-rating: 3.5/5
With a spotless environment and affectionate, well-behaved pups, WTF delivers on the warm and cosy front. However, the lack of decent snacks does take away a little from the cafe experience.

For our full review on the ambience and other aspects of the cafe, flip to Pet-friendly Venue of our Aug-Sep 2015 issue!