BIO-CHUM STAIN & ODOUR REMOVER from Roots Technologies
Price: $19.80 for 1 litre
Test: This all-natural cleaner got the job done on both hard flooring and upholstery. Most notably, it performed exceptionally well on a several-hour-old soiled sofa spot —all stains and odours were completely eliminated. The instruction label recommends that the soiled area be soaked for 24 hours, but it worked even when we saturated the spot and left it to dry.Verdict: This product is practically magic in a bottle. Topping our list for stain and odour removal, it delivers fast yet thorough cleaning through a potent formula that includes targeted enzymes and billions of harmless bacteria to effectively break down your furkids’ waste. Our only grouse is that the bottle doesn't have a nozzle, making it challenging to dispense the product. Avoid making a mess or wasting product by transferring some solution into a handy spray bottle for use.
Score: 4.5/5

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