Does it get the job done?
Is it easy to use?

1. DISPOSABLE DIAPER, FOR DOGS AND CATS (Comes in four sizes (SS-M) to fit pets up to 10kg, four diapers per pack)

Test: We tested the SS size, which fits dogs up to 5kg and with a 35cm waist circumference. The diaper was easy to wear, and the elastic band made sure it stayed in place, withstanding a 30-minute walk. When we tested the absorbency, this diaper exceeded expectations, and held up to two pees.
Verdict: Aside from how well the diaper performed, we were pleasantly surprised with the unique straps that were Velcro (and not adhesive); they were very secure, and made it possible for us to strap and un-strap the diapers repeatedly to check on our furkid’s bum. We also liked that it dried very quickly, ensuring the surface was not damp and uncomfortable at any time. If your furkid needs to be on diapers in the long run, this is an excellent option to consider—it’s cheap and very effective!
Score: 4.5/5

2. EAR CLEANER WIPES, FOR DOGS AND CATS (Persimmon flavour, 35 sheets per pack)

Test: Like all wet wipes, this ear cleaner was easy to use—we wrapped a sheet around our index finger, and wiped the insides of our dogs’ ears. However, although the moist wipes were reasonably saturated with the cleaning formula, it took us three to four sheets to effectively remove all the wax in one ear.
Verdict: Understandably, it did not work as well as conventional cleaning liquids for rinsing pet ears. That said, this is handy for new paw-rents who are clumsy with rinsing solutions, or have furkids that dislike the sensation of liquids in their ears. We eventually managed to get all the wax out, and the pleasant fruity fragrance did a decent job of masking any funky odours.
Score: 4/5


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