1. Keep fit
Research shows that paw-rents walk 79 percent further each day than those without furkids. Even if all you do is toss a ball to Fido at the park, or tease kitty with a piece of string, you are burning calories.

2. Salve for the soul
A surefire way to reduce stress levels: Run your hand through Fido’s or Puss’ fur. Studies show that within minutes of petting your furry pal, the human brain experiences a spike in serotonin and oxytocin—calming chemicals that evoke tranquillity and relaxation.

3. Canine matchmaker
Furkids act as natural icebreakers, which is why pet owners are generally perceived to be more sociable and more likely to be smiled at and approached when out on walks with their pooches.

4. Pest control
Having a furkid at home helps to keep unwanted vermin at bay. Your tireless “hunter” is often on 24-hour standby pest control duty. After all, breeds like Miniature Schnauzers, Dachshunds and Papillons were specifically bred for pest control.

5. Unconditional lovin'
Dogs are selfless, which is why they teach us important values like unconditional love, patience, and loyalty. No matter how long we’ve left them home alone, they always greet us with wagging tails and sloppy kisses.