VICTORIA CHEW, 23, musician
, 1, Jack Russell Terrier
Bubbles, 1, Jack Russell Terrier

We strolled behind the trio, we watched as Maggie and Bubbles got distracted by the same birds, took synchronised steps, and leapt up kerbs at exactly the same time. Just looking at them gave us a warm, fuzzy feeling, but when we left, we caught ourselves thinking: "Where can we find a BFF like that?"

Maggie and Bubbles are from the same litter. Did you already plan to adopt two dogs at one go?
My family actually adopted them both from an old family friend that my dad recently reconnected with on Facebook. He asked us if we wanted a six-month-old JRT puppy, and we agreed. We decided to take Bubbles in as we didn’t have any dogs since our last dog passed away in 2011. Turns out, there was a miscommunication and our friend thought we were adopting two puppies instead. My dad looked apprehensively to my mum, and she approved, saying, “Take lah!” (laughs)

What are some of the other things they do together?
As you might’ve already noticed, they have to walk side by side when we are out. It doesn’t matter whether I’m holding their leashes in different hands, they somehow always wind up next to each other. They also go for the same toys—when I throw multiple balls, they’ll run towards the same ball together, and carry it back as a pair. Other than that, they do all the usual stuff together—eat, sleep, and play. When they are outside at dog runs and cafes, they’re usually busy sniffing bums and trying to steal a quick bite off some other dog’s plate by sitting like angels in front of other unassuming dog owners. They make me look so bad because it seems like I don't feed them or something, but that’s not true! They're just greedy! (laughs)

Have they ever fought with each other?
Yes, even siblings have disagreements, right? It happens once in a blue moon. There was once a fight broke out when Maggie got a tad too dominant, and Bubbles just wasn’t having any of it that day. I can’t remember who started it, but we had them separated for a while and scolded them.