Not everything has to be intricate to be beautiful. Sometimes, all it takes is a bold concept—that is the philosophy behind Ukraine-based brand, Ohhio, which specialises in products knitted with giant stitches, including ultra-cosy pet beds. Fully hand-crocheted, the imperfections of every loop are magnified, offering each Ohhio bed a unique style. 

Made of 100 percent Australian Merino wool, this plush material is not just soft to the touch, but also boasts several noteworthy characteristics. These include thermoregulation and hypoallergenic properties, so that your furkid can enjoy the sweetest slumber. The natural breathability of the wool provides warmth while being lightweight. Once your furry friend has used the bed to his heart's content, simply give the bed a good shake to fill its fibres with air, restoring its initial intended shape. 

Available in 21 eye-catching shades, including Rose Quartz (light pink), Nougat (beige), and Midnight (dark blue), the bed can even be customised to suit your furkid's size, with the price quoted according to the required dimensions. Prices start from US$80 (S$108.60); and shipping costs US$40 (S$55.20). Find out more at